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Pool care with Aussie flair!
Pool care with Aussie flair!
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Going Green
Stream Energy: has a green electricity plan 
We get our electricity from Stream, and use the Green and Clean plan, which is both inexpensive and environmentally responsible.

Doug is an independent representative for Ignite.  He can help you get your electricity at great rates through Stream Energy.   

If you are interested in developing another income source, Doug invites you to join his team, and he will help you develop extra income by getting paid on your energy bill and the energy bill of others. 

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We carry a natural line of pool care products:  natural chemistry. 
 They are excellent.  
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 Natural Chemistry has developed a regular maintenance program using natural enzymes,  phosphate removers, and other natural ingredients.  Their program makes pool maintenance a breeze.  The natural enzymes gently biodegrade organic material in the pool water.  Phospate remover starves algae of its main food source.  This results in you needing less chlorine in the pool, and healthier swimming for your family and friends.
We offer equipment that is energy efficient, 
saving you thousands of dollars each year
We also currently do conversions to more eco-friendly salt systems, ozone systems, and sand filters 
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