Backyard Billabongs

Pool care with Aussie flair!
Pool care with Aussie flair!
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A billabong is a seasonal pond.  During the wet season it is part of a river or wetlands, and during the dry season, when the river dries up, natural ponds are left behind.  
Wild life gather around billabongs for the water.  
Enjoy some photographs taken by various artists:

"Dont let your dogs chase a kangaroo into a billabong"

because once in the water it will turn around, grab the dog's head and drown it!)
Did you know...

that koala bears have their pouches upside down?

(this is to keep all the leaves and bark from falling into it as they climb! )
Australia is famous for its amazingly beautiful billabongs.  
A word of advice:
Did you know...
a kookaburra doesn't need to drink?

( it gets all the moisture it needs from its food: frogs, snakes, lizards, insects)